Everything is a Remix

"Copying is how we learn, you can't introduce anything new until we are fluent in the language of our domain. And we do that through emulation."

Not sure how, but I came across this little gem and I wanted to share it. It's a four-part series created by Kirby Ferguson and it's really well done. I recommend watching the other videos as well. 

I find this really interesting as I've just started working on a video/ animation project from my Tough Mudder experience. I am trying to do a throwback to old 8-bit games and I've been referencing a lot of games. Mostly the ones that last an impression on me. In the last couple weeks I've been studying the artwork from the talented artist that worked on Scott Pilgrim vs World: The Game - My goal is to try and create something similar and match in quality.  

It's not my intention to create something new and never done before, there are TONs of amazing artists and work (short films and games) that achieved what I'm looking at doing.

And during this process I'll be learning new skills and tricks so it's a win - win :D And most important I've had a lot of FUN working on it so far.

You can also help support the series - visit -everythingisaremix.info/​donate/​

Creativity isn't magic. Interesting thought. ;)

Also want to thank all the support and help I've received by some of these amazing artists. Their generosity will not go unnoticed. :)


G1toons said...

nice thanks for sharing wow, seems like a few people are doing throw backs, I am in the middle of doing a short based on old video game characters from streetfighter, having fun doing it

Toby Cochran said...

That's awesome man! It's fun doing something you grew up with too I think. Has that nostalgic felling with it.

You doing it all in 3D?