My Flat art Portfolio

I've worked very hard on this, and will be updating it until I graduate. I will most likely have two flat art books. I have a lot of character designs that I didn't get to put in this book, and will have a couple new pages of paintings as well as Life drawing and gestures.

I love drawing on the go, or on the spot at any location, and I really enjoy trying to find movement when drawing and capturing that. I still have a long ways to go. But I won't get there if I don't keep practicing.

Here is my splash page. I worked my ass off for making my flat art book one of the best. Spent half my time this past quarter just on different layouts and designs and pushed myself for something you wouldn't typically see me do.

My site, is not yet up. I will be working with some web designers next quarter and I'll get it up and running. I finished in Dec 06, and my email has changed as well, its: animation.4.life@gmail.com

here is a few of my life drawing pages.The heads on the ends of the pages are animated through out my entire book. Also I wanted to show my different styles. When I started school I was still trying to develop one. Now I believe I have 3 I would like to perfect them and more styles. So that's why I have put some different styles together on the same page. But I can understand how you can see they may not work together.

The Old men; far left was at a Barnes and Noble, the middle was at a Village Inn and the far right was at the Denver Zoo.

For me those are life drawings even though they are not fully rendered. With my gestures I try and find a stronger line of action or flow, and try and get that through my line weight. I still have a long ways to go, because its still not there, to me.

Character Design:

These are a few storyboards for a short film I worked on called: Unplugged and another short that is in the works called: Gumba Falls.

Here are my photoshop paintings. I have never really liked doing them and enjoy traditional more, but it has started to grow on me.

Here are some animal life drawing studies and some character animals. I have a little mini story for the underwater sea creatures.

Here are some freelance works I did for Initial Tropical Plants
Here are some Posters I have designed for the school over the years.

Here are few of my paintings all done in Watercolor.

And here is some still 3D work I've done, just to show I can model, rig, texture, and light. The smart car below was inspired from Pixar's CARS. My friend Hobbie and I made are own characters and little short right after the first teaser came out. My car is named BUG.


Zac said...

nice work Toby.


Cinthia Fujii said...

Really great job Toby :)