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Demo Reel:

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**All 2D colored animation was done in just a week. Orginally I was going to leave them as pencil tests. But since attending Gobelins I thank my lucky stars because I believe they are much stronger now.



Fboy run:


Well I'm finally finished at the Art Institute! I would like to quickly thank some people that helped me out:

Mom & Dad thanks for letting me doodle all the time and not listening to the teachers telling you guys I will not have no career in art.

Dom Thanks for letting me abuse your computers in a time of need ha ha, along with all of your other help.

Ethan If it was not for you man, I wouldn't be where I'm at, thanks for always letting me come over at random times at night to work on my stuff till sunrise. Also would like to thank your parents for being cool with me coming over at those random times!

Lindsey Not sure what I would done without you as well, thanks for listening and pushing me to work! ;) haha.

Anh Thank you for hanging in there and sticking by me through all this chaos.

More thank yous will follow!! And I will have a higher quality demo on this blog as well as my new website!

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