Student of the Year

Wow so time has really flown by! On Thursday Sept 13th, 07 I was awarded "Student of the Year for Art & Design.

The Ceremony took place on the 13Th of September and it was awesome! I still am kicking myself from not meeting all the winners! Although I had great support from friends and family!! and we took lots of pictures like the paparazzi o_0 haha.

Here is a photo of the article in the Denver Post on Sunday the 23rd.

I was lucky enough to get into contact with the other "Art & Design" SotY, her name is Kayla Schwisow, she is extremely talented and a force to reckon with when it comes to design. Check out her site spinkstudio.com

I would like to thank Career Services for coming out and supporting me along with nominating me!

Thank you to my family to make it and support me along with Mr. Youngmann, Mr. Dunsmoore, Anh & Diane

aside from the ugly bathroom tile in the bkg of the photos I thank everyone! AND! I am still upset I didn't get to meet anyone else! Best of luck to everyone that won and keep kicking butt!


Kayla Schwisow said...

Toby, you are going to rock the animation world! Thanks for the link!! :-D Congrats again!

Jonathan Grimm said...

Congratulations Toby!

pag said...

Toby for president!!