Ian and Maxx is coming...

So everyone has been asking me what I have been up to since graduation, when I mention I'm not working for anyone I get quite a few surprised responses. Well I've been working, and developing a cartoon show. I have been working on this for a while now, and it all originally started from a short film I help create with Ryan Hobbiebrunken and Dan Wise.

We created the characters Ian and Maxx, and since the short film, I have always thought, these characters could have their own show! So I have been working on that idea on the side, and now its become a 24/7 days a week goal.

For anyone who hasn't seen the short film take a peek here:

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I should note, we did this in about 10 weeks for a contest back in school so we could try and get a free trip out to Siggraph in 06. We only spent about 2 weeks on the animation, so its pretty "rough" in a lot of areas ha.

Thanks for watching :)

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