AM Poses & Sketches

So it's a new year and I'm looking forward to making this one bigger and better than last year! I am kicking off the year by training for a marathon that is coming up in May. I usually don't like running but so far its been fun and its going towards a great cause!

So I thought I would finally get some of my poses and sketches posted from my Class 1 at Animation Mentor.

I always explored when it came to drawing and posing in 3D, I would always chose a couple of poses and get feedback on the poses then work on one to make it the strongest.





Now this pose is still weak and not working.

Here was another idea I had but I didn't run with it because I thought this scene was more about the situtation.




Stephen said...

At last! The AM stuff!

DEI said...

Hey Tobby! I can see you're working hard for Animation Mentor! Looks great. How is it going? Let me know. btw, you've been linked;)

~youmna~ said...

thanks for your comment :) you're working on real good stuff yourself!

DEI said...

Hi Tobby! Thanks for the comment! Working in a common project would be awesome! Let's keep in touch as we've done until now cause we might have the chance one day!

I'd love to see your stuff there but I never got into the Summer School blog (accepted. I don't think I was invited yet.. do you think you could do something about that? thanks..


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really superb work on these !!