Speed bumps

Well 3D is under way for my short, last couple weeks have been rough transitioning over, I've mostly just been working on bugs and wrestling with the rig on setup.

Doing a little modeling every week for the bedroom and some others have helped out modeling props for me! This following week 4/20th-24th, will be another slow one for me and not much will get done. I leave mid week to fly out to Buffalo, New York. I'm attending Dov Simens Film school. It's going to be a great time! One day I would like to direct a live action or two.

Here is my new layout, still super rough, hardly any posing going on. I just worked on the cuts and timing to follow the pacing of the music from the 2D blocking.


Just want to say thanks for everyone's support! I'm going to do what I can in order to finish so I can graduate.

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TheZealot said...

Graduate first - get the goods, man. Then animate in 2D to your hearts content, against the grain, against the confusion of 3d wanna-bes, against all that says "animation must be" - do it, do it, DO IT!!