I can't believe I haven't updated this thing sooner! I finished school at Animation Mentor Back in June!!! Graduation time now!! So glad I was able to pass, for a few weeks
trying to get everything changed over and with everything else I really felt like I might
not graduate.

But I did what I could to the best I could.

I would also like to thank everyone for believing in me, and giving me lots of support during that time! I couldn't of done it without you guys. :)

During that time I was freelancing with Impossible Pictures! Super sweet studio with some awesome people working there. I jumped on a project that was being completed for the Discovery Channel!! Super cool, I've always wanted to work on a show like that too.

I can't say what the project is just yet, but once it gets closer to airing on TV I will post it up!

I cleaned up animation, mo-cap work, a little rigging and texturing, assisted on set dressing a scene, some lighting, rendering and helped out the team on compositing. I was also in charge of the teaser promotional shots. Which was fun because I came up with tons of ideas to present to my supervisor and team and would get feedback then go back to actually setting it all up for layout. It was fun because I had some creative freedom working in some tight constraints but was able to creatively direct the teaser shots!

It was a great experience and now I've just been getting back into some graphic design freelance and prepping for my graduation trip!!! I graduate July 11th. Will be attending the AM BBQ and hanging out with tons of people from all over the world, that I've been going to school with for the last couple years!

I'm actually going to be staying in San Fransisco for a few days with some friends then we are traveling down the coast to LA. Going to meet up with some friends and get some studio visits then drive on over to VEGAS! VEGAS BABY VEGAS!!! lol. Then come home and get back to work harder than before.

As for Big Grin - things have been a bit on a hiatus with the development of the TV show. So when I get back I have a few options on what exactly I want to do and start moving forward with my life and company!!!

So there is a tiny update! More to come soon :D


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Hells Yeas buddy, congrats!

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Hell to the Yes Tobe