6 more days!

6 more days until Tough Mudder!! Brittany and I are trying to raise extra money for the Wounded Warrior Project that Tough Mudder proudly supports. I decided to create my own team and make some logos. 

Without realizing it, I found the logo to be pretty similar to Rescue Rangers. The team name is Renegade Rangers - It's suppose to be a spoof off the old Power Rangers. Once I realized the logo looked the same as Rescue Rangers, I just decided not to fight trying to make our logo different and play off the one that's already done and working. 

Britt and I are trying to raise a $1000 for the event! If anyone is interested in donating please email me or check out the links below!

**update! 6/22/11 - we are only $150 away from our goal!! If you would like to help - even a $1, let me know! muchlove

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Q.Frost said...

Good luck! It looks like a lot of fun! Shoot me a line and tell me who you were pitching to - I'm curious!