Pitching Feedback

We came back from LA with our heads held high as we learned the project just wasn't the right for the studio. However they did like aspects of it, or else we wouldn't have been working with them. We are grateful for receiving such great critiques and feedback. All worth every penny spent on prepping for this presentation and trip. 

Doing this sort of thing is definitely something you can't go to school for and learn. All about trail and error. And we are trying to fail as quickly as possible. The faster we fail the faster we can learn and advance, making things better. And I enjoy that. I also enjoy the level of professionalism, compared to what I have been working with over the last few years on my own projects through 3rd parties of "wanna-bes."

Of course I shouldn't expect anything less, but after being fed nothing but b/s over the years it's refreshing. A part of me feels like I wasted 5 years, but the optimistic side says I've learned and done more than I would have just going after an animator job. This whole process has also allowed me to realize what I'm great at, what I suck at and what I really want to do. 

The goal now is to meet back up with team, regroup, refocus, re-energize and come back stronger. We learned our idea doesn't suck and it would be better suited for other networks, which is great! And that's what we aim to do!!

I plan on working on a new idea in the same vein of "Dream Train" - Hoping to have a rough cut done by the end of June for feedback then take another week for polish. This time, it should have some nice action moments, complemented with comedic moments and I'll be adding in some V.O. work. 

I also have the crazy Tough Mudder event coming up real fast! I've been training hard for that and I'm really looking forward to that event.

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