Animation Collaborative!!

I've been accepted into the Animation Collaborative course out in Emeryville! I move out in just a couple weeks, and I couldn't be more extatic!

I've created a FB page for those of us, that way we can try and arrange living quarters and allows all of us to meet beforehand. We figured it would be great to all live together so we can keep pushing each other and continue learning!

So far, the energy has been exactly what I've hoped for, nothing short of what I felt in Paris when I was attending Gobelins! I've got a feeling it will be like this in the manner of extremely passionate artists. And the knowledge we will gain will be unparalleled.

If you are reading this and have been accepted please drop me line and I'll get you added to the group!! And congrats to anyone who's been accepted! :D


Bruno Oliveira said...

Ohhyeaaahh!! 3 months of awesomeness!! Followed by years of putting the awesomeness to practice!!!! Meeting you guys over here has already been great!! Can't wait to meet everyone in person and hpefuly, work together =)

Toby Cochran said...

Agreed man, can't wait to meet you and the others!

sparkly said...

Hey Toby, I'll be at AC next week in Aaron's class - just signed up on your FB page. Btw, did you check OnTrack Data Recovery? Don't toss your harddrive til you get a second opinion.