Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

It's difficult to stay positive with all the things going on in our country and around the world. But I absolutely love the era in which I live. Never have we been able to communicate so easily with people all over the world and help someone.

This year has been my best yet at staying healthy year round. Every year I make it a goal to do better in some way than the last year. This year my goal was to finally eat correctly and learn more about food and nutrition. So I dedicated and kept myself accountable by letting close friends know what I was doing so if I slipped they could call me out.

I've been reading lots of material and signed up for news letters like Thrive in 30 and just consuming everything I can, especially documentaries.  (I watch LOADS of documentaries.)

About a week ago, I was surfing Neflix to watch a new Documentary and I unexpectedly found a gem. It's called: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I liked it so much I decided to make a little comic about it!

Now, I've been around weightlifting since I was wee lad and my dad - at 6'4 and 266 lbs - who inspired me and taught me everything I know took his workouts seriously. As he got older he's had two back surgeries, a couple knee surgeries and a few other operations and he's no longer a lean, mean, fitness machine. Over the years I've tried desperately to get him off his ass and start exercising again. And it's no secret that working out can extend your life and improve your health.

What I found pretty incredible in FS&ND was the fact that Joe and others were barely exercising. They were walking and that was about it. AND they were losing incredible amounts of weight, and granted as some of them lost more weight they started to exercise more because they finally felt like they could!

And I thought this diet would help jump start my pops into getting motivated again. You would think I was a cars salesman or a pyramid scammer. He just didn't want to watch it. Then finally one night he did! And then he wouldn't shut up about it!

And one night at work, my dad was telling a buddy and he said I'm gonna tell my sister about it, she's been pretty sick. They watched it and now they are starting it!

My one quip, is the use of the word "FAST" - When most people think of the word fasting they think of not eating, they must drink a supplement or something to "restart their metabolism". I think that's dumb, just like I think the Cabbage diet is dumb, counting calories is dumb, the point system, Atkins and last, these new pills or droplets that you take while only eating 500 calories. STUPID.

To me this diet should rather be called a cleanse, OR as Joe and his team now call it a "Reboot" - The movie has caused such positive impact that Joe and his team created a website called Reboot Your Life. And this sounds much more appropriate to me.

Too many people have a negative thought association with the word "diet" or "fasting". But really the bottom line is, they just don't know better. I've personally only trained a handful of people but each person reached their goals and learned the proper information about working-out and eating.

LOTS of people think, if you don't eat you will loose weight! WRONG! - That mindset drives me crazy! If you want to loose weight, you have to eat!! Period. And just like a vehicle you need to take care of it, so why don't we take care of our own vehicle? You get out what you put in.

What I like about this, is, if you're hungry - make a drink! If you are still hungry make another drink! Drink 6-8 a day. Not just 3 little "cleansing packets" We are getting back to our roots with this "diet" - raw foods man. And you can connect back with your community if you have local farmers markets! We are so far detached from our roots it's ridiculous.

Here's the bottom line for me, you don't need to go on a 30 or 60 day "diet" like Joe or Phil. Just try it for 3-5 days. If you like it, extended it a week. And if you do want to extended it go consult your physician. ;) Just by doing this for 5 days most people would be "eating" more than they normally do.

And the part that pulled on my heart strings was the fact that Joe was able to connect with a stranger and help save / change his life for the better. Not only that, Phil turned around and started giving back in his community. And it's stuff like that, I love seeing. Hell, when I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition I can get choked up. Same goes for Biggest Loser, just something about a person taking back control of their life deciding to make a change for good just hits home with me.

We all have the strength within ourselves to do whatever;  the sad part is, not everybody believes it, or they lose that belief along the way.

One last note, six-packs are made at home in the kitchen not at the gym. Again it's all about what you are putting in your system. If you happen to watch the film or have questions, drop me a line! Tomorrow I'm off to the farmers market to start my Reboot! :D


Nate Storm said...

Hey, we watched that recently too - and ended up buying a juicer. I've talked to at least 3 other people from work who have as well. Lauren did too.

G1toons said...

going to look into the thrive in 30, thanks for sharing