Left Hand Doodles

Since injuring my right hand and not properly taking care of myself since moving I've been forcing myself to draw with my left hand. Resting my right has been nice, as I'm able to jump back and forth a little now.

Here are some scribbles from my left hand.

I started to practice drawing with both hands at the same time.

I've been studying old masters and one of the masters I've enjoyed is Augustus John's work. 

I struggle with that nice loose flow I have with my right hand, so shading and drawing things like hair are hard, so I cheat a little and just my right hand for some of those things.

Practicing contour drawing has been such a huge help for me to break away from my cliché habits for drawing certain things. And for the first time I feel like I'm "seeing". Again I need to start pushing more story elements into my work, but that will come in time. 

If you would like to see more, I have a "Art of" on Facebook where I have been dumping loads of my bad drawings. 

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