KickStarter Love

I love KickStarter. It's freaking great seeing all the cool projects being backed. I wanted to plug some current projects by some friends of mine, and do some shout out to others that have recently succeeded!

If you are capable of sharing or donating I encourage you to do so :D Click on the titles to jump to teams Kickstarter page.

Sioux City Kid Album:

I had the pleasure of watching these guys live 2 weeks back and their sound is truly unique and fresh. They played one hell of a show and every single member put their heart and soul into each song. I would love to see these guys succeed. So even if it's a dollar help them out!

Frog Bar:

I've met some insanely talented artists out here in the SF Bay area, and a bunch of them have been pouring their hearts into this project! This is a very ambitious project and I wish the crew all the success!

One per Person:

I know a few of the animators that have been busting their butts on this project. And it looks like it just blew up as they have passed their goal! So Congrats to everyone :D


The Duck:

I have only spoken with Simon a couple of times through email, and the dude is freaking humble and super nice. Very passionate and serious talent, I'm so glad to see that his projected succeeded in raising it's goal. 

Mercenary Kings:

This project is badass and so is the team! It's practically the same time behind the Scott Pilgrim game. Can't wait for this. Also St├ęphane Boutin is a super awesome person. 

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