Sumos, Sushi, and Sake

Since moving to the Bay area, I've organized quite a-few meet-ups for drawing events or just fun random gatherings.

This past weekend was another great event! We were front row watching some world champion sumo wrestlers! How freaking fun, and what great shapes to draw.

I've been thinking a lot about founding a group. For almost all of the drawing events I use the name "SketchCrawl" - which is very familiar to artists from around the world as it's a very well established global event. Super cool.

I'm not interested in creating a global event (just yet :P ) but I would like to do something that was my own. What I want to do is for everyone and anyone, drawing abilities not included. I've created a fun name for my group and now I'm developing a logo for it.

I've always enjoyed getting people together but out here, I've realized how much I love getting people together and organizing / hosting events. A while back, I thought about quitting my day job and start looking for a gig as a event planner or promoter. I was doing quite a bit of work for one organization and I realized I could put that energy into something of my own and have the outcome be directed towards something I wanted. Thus benefiting me and others and in the future having an even bigger outreach.

I'm slowly progressing forward doing all the things that I enjoy; combining my passions. That's the key. I think. :)

more to come!

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